Leak Detection


Are you concerned that you may have an underground water leak? All premissis should be on guard against leaks, considering the damage they can cause. If an underground water leak isn’t repaired as soon as it is identified, you could be looking at deep foundational damage or a sinkhole. These both require large-scale repairs, which can be costly. That’s why it’s so important to be able to spot their early signs,

Some common signs that you have an underground leak:

You got surface water showing or your Jockey pump running constantly

High water usage bill

Mains that tap off the distribution mains and connect to sprinkler Tanks or Fire Hydrant ring Mains. They are integral to keeping the building and its inhabitants safe.

The video to the right when played will show you just how much water can be lost during a pipe burst and has the potential to cause extensive damage.

Our Experts

Integral Fire have invested heavily in this field providing our dedicated engineers with extensive training and supplying them with the latest leak detection technology to provide our customers a first class service.

It pays to be certain that your Fire Mains are not leaking. Work with the leak detection specialists at Integral Fire to feel confident about the function of your sprinkler system or your Fire Hydrants. Our technicians have extensive experience handling water distribution systems and use non-invasive technology to accurately locate the leak.

When a leak has been found it is then time to excavate and identify the cause, and on many occasions we have found the leaks to be from a poor or incorrect installation, all of Integral’s reports have photos attached and the client will be shown fist hand of such findings. Engineers will then correct the issue with a full repair test & commission. Please visit our Fire Main repair page for more information on our Fire Main & Fire Hydrant repair service.