Fire Main Repair


Protecting your Tomorrow  

Integral Fire will provide you with our expert knowledge of underground Fire Main services, and if you believe there may be a problem with your Mains then that is something you shouldn’t ignore. If you have a water leak then you may be in need of our underground services. Water leaks can cause all sorts of material damage, create additional consumption costs and reduce the water pressure in your system supplying your sprinkler system or Fire Hydrants.

There are a few signs that may give you some indication that you will need underground repairs

Having an increasingly high water bill

Decreased water pressure

Even small pools of water appearing in your property

Best Equipment

When it comes underground Fire Main services we use a combination of the latest equipment and the most experienced water engineers to effectively detect, locate and repair your leak. Our underground service teams act quickly to detect and repair your leak, this will give you peace of mind that your services have the required pressure and flow required to fight a Fire. It is important to take into consideration that even a 0.5mm leak can lose as much as 20 litres of water every hour, enough to keep your jockey pump running constantly or cut in your main pumps.

Fire Main Replacement

 In certain situations, a leak will be clearly visible, from a well grown bright green patch of grass outside to a pool of water even when it hasn’t rained. If you suspect a leak then our team will carry out a full survey on your property. Once our expert team have found all the leaks, we will then be able to carry out our underground pipe replacement service with minimal amount of disruption to you, your day and your property. Integral Fire engineers are not only fully qualified but also have many years of industry experience which means each and every underground pipe replacement we carry out is done quickly and efficiently.

Fire Main Repair

If you suspect that there may be a leak and think you need underground pipe repairs, Integral Fire will be more than happy to discuss these issues with you, at your earliest convenience and a time to suit you. We will send out our Expert Engineers who will ensure that your property receives a full survey to detect any leaks. After our visit to the site is complete, we will then mobilise a team and make sure that your property receives the correct underground pipe repairs and everything is left in working order. We have been effectively carrying out underground pipe replacements for more many years and we have the utmost confidence that we have the experience and expertise to help repair your Mains. We can test and repair existing underground fire main pipework installations, ensuring your installation remains ready for use at all times. We’ll find leaks or problems and provide temporary connections for your sprinkler system so it remains connected to the mains supply at all times while your connection is repaired.

If you have an underground pipe leak or need your connection tested, call us. We can provide a full service, from initial testing, to excavation, repair and reinstatement.