Fire Hydrants

condition of Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrant Servicing provides important Information regarding the operational condition of your Hydrants and Regular Hydrant Servicing and inspection ensures that in the event of a fire, the Fire Brigade have good knowledge that a sites Hydrants are in good working order and fully operational and are ready for any Emergency incident, having your Fire Hydrants serviced and maintained to a high standard is supporting them in their bid to save lives.The installation servicing and maintenance of privately owned Fire Hydrants is set out by British Standards a


Underground Fire Hydrants also require regular inspection by a competent Fire Hydrant technician and maintenance where required to ensure that they will work correctly. Because inspection and servicing of privately owned Fire Hydrants is a legal requirement, it is important to use a specialist contractor who is proficient in designing, installing, repairing, and servicing all types of Hydrants.

Integral Fire have invested a lot of time and effort to specialise in this area and have the capability to not only service your fire Hydrant but repair them too, we have a professional set of Excavation engineers that can excavate and make alterations or replace your faulty Fire Hydrant, this is all carried out in house and is not subcontracted giving you peace of mind that your always working with your preferred Fire Protection provider.

Specialized Services

We at Integral Fire have carried on specialising our services by providing a one stop shop, we have now taken our services further by offering Leak detection all the way through to excavating your underground Fire main for any repair that may be required, once any repair has been completed our Expert Engineers will also make good of all ground works.

Visual Inspection


Pit is clear of Debris and Hydrant valve is unobstructed

Hydrant frame


Surface surrounding the Hydrant

Indicator plate

Pit cover Paint

Hydrant is within 300mm from the surface

Frost free valve is operational




Static Pressure Testing

The static pressure test is conducted by attaching the static pressure assembly to the stand pipe with the vent cock open. The Hydrant is then opened and the vent cock is closed when the stand pipe is free of air. A pressure reading is then taken. The Hydrant is then closed and then the vent cock is opened to release the pressure before removing the stand pipe assembly.

Flow Test

Before attaching the flow Metre to the hydrant stand pipe, The Fire main will be flushed for a short period of time, approximately 1 minute, to clear any debris which may cause damage to the flow Metre. After flushing, the flow Metre is attached to the stand pipe and the hydrant valve is fully opened. The digital display is left settle before any readings are taken.