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Integral Fire have a dedicated excavation team to carry out all Fire Hydrant repairs weather it be a planned visit or an Emergency call out, When it comes to Fire Hydrant solutions, reliability is essential. Integral Fire understand just how important it is to carry out emergency repairs to Fire Hydrants as this type of Fire Equipment is vital for Fire & Rescue services in helping save property and lives.

Following a Fire Hydrant service, defects may bring to light failures that require urgent attention. Potential issues may it be low key replacements such as:

A replacement spindle adaptor

Blank protection

further more major excavation works enabling full replacement of your Fire Hydrant.

We Excavate Every Surface

No matter what type of surface ground has been excavated weather it be grass, tarmac, concrete or a specialist coating our engineers will back fill and make good of all ground works to a very high standard.

Integral Fire’s excavation teams carry all equipment necescery to carry out any task they face, whilst Engineers have a pit open they will as standard practice use an acoustic listening device to check the condition of the Fire main at the excavated location as a leak can be heard from a good distance away, this just gives you the client peace of mind to the condition of your Fire Main.

Once all works have been completed the Engineers will carry out a Full Flow and pressure test to enable a Compliance certificate to be issued.